Friday, June 3, 2016

Private tour from Chiang Mai to Lumphun and Lampang

Leave Chiangmai along the mountainous highway to Lampang (90 Kms. away). For this Private tour Chiang Mai to Lampang and Lamphun. First we stop at Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, a very old wat in the north, In architectural terms, Lampang luang temple is probably the most handsome and great preserved Lan Na temple to be found anywhere in the north. 
The central viharn, featuring a triple-tiered wooden roof supported my great teak pillars, is thought to be the oldest wood construction in Thailand. Early 19th century murals from the Buddhist jatakas, or life stories, are painted on wooden panels within the viharn. The lintel over the essential entrance to the mix is suitable of notice, featuring an impressive intertwined dragon relief once common in northern Thai temples, but rarely seen today. Continue to Lampang, Discover the next village by the Horse Carriage (symbolic of Lampang Province) in a relax atmosphere.

Lampang is primarily often known as Horse Carriage City “Muang Roth Ma” as horse carriages usually seen by tourist portray tourist’s ways of life and their familiarity with them.

Then drive to Lamphun. In Lamphun step into Wat Prathat Hariphunchai, created some 800 years ago during the reign of King Arthitayarat; a inheritor of Queen Chamthewi. A principal landmark is the 46-metre-tall golden pagoda, and its ของฝาก-gift, display, souvenir, lagniappe, memento appearance was the result of the restoration work in 1443 by a king of Chiangmai. Specially heading to Wat Pra Nang Jamadhavee or Ku Kut temple
Wat jammathevee  was constructed around middle of tenth century by means of King Mahantayot and King Anantayot ,the twin from Queen Jamadhevee of Hariphunchai Kingdom to stay the ashes in their mother. The style of the wat pagoda is distinctive with niches containing Buddha statue.
Before finish private tours Chiang Mai to Historiracl province, On the way back to Chiang Mai driving along the Sarapee Road with the official name of Chiangmai-Lamphun Roadway (Route 106), you may notice the exquisite, imposing trees that grace the roadside for about 10 kilometers. One may believe the trees were planted by the local management to beautify the roadside. Indeed this may be true. Rather, a little investigation of local history and legend reveals a much more interesting tale.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wat Umong Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Umong a secreted gem temple in Chiang Mai

The temple’s full name is Wat Umong Suan Phutthatham, which interprets to “Temple of the tunnels and Buddha Dhamma backyard”.
Among the many hundreds of Buddhist temples in Chiangmai, the Umong Temple or “Tunnel temple” is unique because of its location within the forest and its system of tunnels. The calm and peaceful ambiance at the 13th century forest temple close to Doi Suthep mountain provides a welcome change from the a lot visited websites in Chiang Mai.
One of the crucial spectacular points to Umong Temple is its tunnels, dating back to the thirteenth century. After eradicating your sneakers, the air, which smells of spicy incense and humbling earth, becomes clearly cooler as you walk via one of the three entrances. Inside, there are a few Buddha statues in enclaves where locals will go away incense and flowers and pray. Upon going deeper contained in the cave-like tunnel, be sure to search for at the ceiling. Historic drawings can nonetheless be seen and for those who look carefully you can also make out patterns and even elephants. These historical frescoes deliver the historical significance of Wat Umong to light. I couldn’t help however let my creativeness take me to a whole lot of years previous to a time when these pale colors had been vivid and colourful, as monks roamed the halls. Another fascinating facet to Wat Umong is the somewhat large golden stupa that sits atop the ancient tunnels. I discovered this stupa somewhat photogenic in its easy and pure setting, especially towards a blue sky. I particularly appreciated shedding my shoes and joining the locals strolling across the stupa thrice in a clockwise route, giving me a extra genuine and authentic experience on the temple.
Peaceable and uninterrupted, nestled in a forest west of Old City. Solely 8 min by car without site visitors however felt isolated. Whereas not a glitzy, renovated nor tidy Wat, there are varied and interesting options - an old stupa; tunnels resulting in locations of worship set into the hillside, crumbling (sadly, extended) statues and dramatic balustrades running along a set of steps, a templeful of chanting monks, wooded and shady grounds. Nice for photos - the brickwork seems to be outdated, lichen and weed coated. Needn't spend numerous time right here but its a refreshing change of tempo to the always crowded Doi Suthep and other well-liked temples.
How to get to the Wat Umong
All in all an interesting spot to go to and a nice, tranquil web site to whereas away some time. It’s a bit far to stroll but only a 10-15 minute tuk tuk or motorcycle experience from downtown or contact Tour Agency in Chiang Mai being quite inexpensive and easily mixed with a trip to Doi Suthep. (You would stop off at the fascinating Ton Payom Market on the way.) Tuk tuk’s will probably ask for 100 baht and also you might wish to ask the driving force to wait since they’re few and much between in these parts. A bit of bit fiddly to get to by bicycle or motorcycle so most likely simpler to seize a map slightly than making an attempt to explain.

Way in payment & opening hours
The wat opens day by day from 6 am till 5 pm. Admission is free.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Three Days Exclusive Package Tours Chiangmai to Chiangrai

Exclusive Package Tours Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai that combines the activities two days in Chiangmai and 1 day in Chiang Rai

For a starting day of package tours Chiang Mai Confrontation the tour leader at accomodate around 8:30. Leave from the flat and run to the north side of Chiangmai. Take the highway No. 107 to Mae Tang Elephant Park. Mae tang elephant park is located in the stunning maetaman valley, about 50 kilometers north of Chiang mai and is residence to over forty elephants. Witness the splendor of those majestic animals because the herd wallows and frolics within the brown waters of the Mae tang River and marvel at their dimension as they emerge dripping and refreshed, simply inches away from you. Contact them, scent them, feel in their power and talk to them. Then please select one who you like essentially the most and give him/her a banana, he will be your pal forever.
Travel :

  • 8.30 Depart from your accommodation
  • 9.45 Elephant Bathe and Elephant show You will rarely get a chance to get such a excellent view of elephants enjoying the water and start with seeing elephants display their special skills in various ways and how they are trained to help working in the jungles. Elephant demonstrates take approx 50 minutes.
  • 10.30 Delight in a scenic ride on the back of an elephant into the rainforest. Elephant trekking forty five Minutes.
  • 11.30 Ox-cart riding to elephant park for your lunch. This has been the long-established form of transport in Thailand for centuries.
  • 12.00 Buffet lunch at the camp.
  • 13.00 Bamboo rafting Bamboo rafting on local river.
  • 14.30 Orchid & Butterfly Farm Visit an Orchid Nursery Farm filled with exotic orchid blooms, loaf in a lovely butterfly park
  • 15.30 Optional tour on the way backas if you need to see tiger kingdom , monkey show, snake show, please inform your tour guide.
At last place for this Package tours in Chiang Mai The tour proceeds to The largest and most in favor local craftsmanship in Chiangmai, thailand are situated along a 13 kilometer stretch of the Chiang Mai - Sankampaeng Road. Many producers are located all along the main road around the villages.

The Chiangmai-San kampang Road runs for 13 kms out of the town to the north and is lined with manufactory and showrooms selling crafts goods of all descriptions. San kampang is one of the most favourite zone for travelers to do their souvenir shopping and is very busy with tour buses throughout the year. The large numbers of tourists generally leads to locals to avoiding the area for worry of costly but with learning of comparative goods in another place it is conceivable to bargain appropriate costs. The factories manufacture and sell a great range of craftsmanship, including Lacquer ware, Silverware, Silk, Celadon and Jewelry. Return to the old town about 6pm.
The next day of package tours Chiang Mai, Visit Inthanon National Park "The Roof of Thailand"
Doi Inthanon National Park is a accurate crystal of natural attractiveness, consisting of jagged hilly environment blanketed by grassy steamy primary forest and mottled with mighty rivers and superb cataracts. Doi Inthanon's secluded status makes it a place of safety for a extensive range of creature genre and it is conceivably the best place in Thailand for bird watching. Approximately 362 different breed of bird make their house in Inthanon National Park, most of that will not be see anywhere else in Thailand.
On This trips we can visit summit of Thailand, King and Queen Pagoda, waterfalls, Karen village and royal project.
The height peak of Thailand
Angka Nature trail
King and Queen Pagoda
Hmong Market
Wachirathan Falls
Sirithan Cascade
Finish this Full day trip Back to the accommodation around 5:00 - 5:30 pm.
Last of package tours in Chiang Mai. Your journey from Chiangmai to Chiang Rai, The northern Thailand is situated about 250 kms from Chiangmai. The area that is situated with in the renowned Golden Triangle, The place Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet, is often known as the gate option to Myanmar, Laos and southern China.
After collecting you from your Chiangmai hotel your first stop might be Maekhajan hot springs a great spot to take a morning cup of coffee before heading as much as Chiang Rai where will stop i to see the gorgeous Wat Rong Khun, incessantly known as The White Temple.
Visit to the world famous Golden Triangle the place the borders of three international locations; Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar, see the panoramic view of Mekong River, the Golden Buddha Statue. Experiences with a protracted-tail boat trip cease at Don Sao Village, Laos.
After lunch, go to go to Mae Sai Border probably the most Northern level in Thailand where can see Thai - Myanmese Border and luxuriate in procuring some souvenirs.
On the return leg to Chiang Mai we'll cease at an Akha and Yao Hill Tribe village.
After that Lengthy Drive again to Chiang Mai. Tour program & locations shall be extra fleaxible in keeping with local weather and time. Finish this hold day tour and complete the three days exclusive Package Tours Chiangmai to Chiangrai.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Package tours in Chiang Mai 1 day for who love nature and animal

This Package tours in Chiang Mai for kids and family with animal activity

For a start, 8.30 am Meet your tour leader and run to Maerim to visit Mae Sa Elephant Camp.
Near Cascade Mae sa is the Measa Elephant Camp. It is a nice day trip from Chiangmai if you choose to depart from the old city uproar as it is placed in a goodly vale in the forest. Each day, the elephants get a routine of bathe in the river, feeding and performing a string of genius shows. You can also ride an elephant about the camp’s verdant park or understand about their wildlife from a permanent exhibit housed inside number one of the elephant’s living quarters. After display, take a elephant riding through the wild approximately 1 hr.
Excellent experience! Our elephant guide was truly dedicated to taking care of thse unbelievable creatures. The show is very entertaining and elephant safari was a once in a lifetime meeting! Don't miss out!

Let’s enjoy watching and photography the stunning butterflies as you wanted at Siam Insect Zoo.
Siam insect zoo & museum is distinctive amongst the many Chiangmai Attractions. Siam insect zoo & museum was opened on the 1st October 2006 by the Ek-Amnuay fireside as a museum to illustrate the result of 30 years of bug collecting. Siam insect zoo & museum isn't simply a museum but is keenly involved in research and nurture of insects.
In the insect museum, you will find lots of gorgeous and exotic insects from all around the world in more than 50 showrooms which have been collected by the owner of the zoo for thirty years. For ie, lots of kinds of blue morpho butterfly from the US, birdwing from Australia, Buru Opalescent birdwing that can change its hindwings from yellow to green, living gynandromorph, hercules beetle, and Goliathus beetle which is the biggest beetle in the planet. You will find also insects from Thailand e.g. Thai forest jewel beetle, scores of exotic Thai long-horned beetles, cicada, lantern bugs and every family of insects. This is where pretty insects are show largely in Thailand.

Having lunch at the Tiger Kingdom. Once in a Lifetime feel challenging at Tiger Kingdom. We were surprised that for 420 Baht you get to be in the cage with a tiger & dab and interact with them. The staff are all wonderful & the tigers are really well maintenance. There are many programs you can choose from. We went for the medium sized tiger (which is still nice-looking big), but you can go for the smallest cubs, or the small child, the medium or the big. costs diverge with the smallest being 620 Thb.. You can also do a package of two sizes of tigers. Even if you select to just walk around the tiger embrace it will still be 420 Baht, so you may also go for dabbing one. We had so much amusement strolling in this area & watching other traveller touching the tigers, after we'd complete our time with the medium sized tigers. It's really worthy it and a must go for everybody in Chiangmai.
Last place for this Package tours in Chiang Mai ahead to Chiang Mai zoo, there’s many activities like zoo aquarium, pandas, wild animals. Over 200 types of Asian and African mammals can be found in this striking landscape, here at Chiang Mai Zoo.
This hearth must vacation magnetization can be found at Doi Suthep foothill, just next to the beautiful Huay Kaew Arboretum. Say hi to the China Panda clan Ambassador to Thailand, Linping, Lin Hui, and Chuang Chaung at the Panda Home. Follow by immersing yourself in Asia’s longest 133-meter underwater tunnel at the newly aquarium where you can see rare sea and river fish from northern regions including Khong Basin, Amazon River basin, the mangrove. Don’t miss, Nakhon Ping Bird Aviary, the broad walk in aviary named the largest one of Thailand that you will discover vast array of more than 132 local and worldwide bird varieties with the scenic vista of cascade. Don’t have the whole day to spend here? Chiang Mai zoo provides an open sided bus service for sightseeing tour with instructive live guide about the zoo and its highlights. Or oversee the zoo with the bird’s eye view on the mono rail which stops in the 4 highlight temptation. Enjoy fireside meal time with open air deck seating eating house reasonable by the stunning waterfall.
Back to accomodate this Chiang Mai packages for learn and fun with animals, we will end of the tour approx 4:00 pm.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Circle Journey Chiang Mai to Maehongson Tour 3 days 2 nights

Maehongson Tour Packages 3 days 2 nights loop Travel from Chiangmai

Maehongson is one of northern Thailand's most famous multi-day excursions. This Maehongson tours is a loop that begins and complete in Chiang Mai, taking in distinguished mountain and river surroundings along with attention-grabbing towns to explore.
First Day Maehongson Tours Loop :
Huai Nam Dong National Park, which is a bit of over halfway to Pai and lunch.
We transfer from Chiangmai Metropolis in the morning. For in the beginning day tours originates in Chiang Mai and travels northwest a hundred and fifty km on some erect and meandering roads by way of the mount wilderness to the novel riverside city of Pai. The scenery is breathtaking alongside the best way and we break at at
Huai Nam Dang is commonly part of a visit to Maehongson because you cross it on Highway 1095. Huai Nam Dang National Park covers an space of a hundred and eighty square kilometres of Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiangmai and Amphoe Pai, Maehongson. Many of the areas are ranged highlands. The mountain has a verdant forest, that is the source of tributaries and varied streams.
Points of interest include: Huai Nam Dang Viewpoint or Doi Kiu Lom overlooks Doi Chiang Dao and is an excellent spot to see dawn amid cloudy valleys within the early morning. To get there, drive alongside Mae Malai-Pai Road to between Km. sixty five-sixty six, and then take a 6-kilometre entry highway to the park office.
Highlight : Doi Chang Viewpoint is situated 20 kms. beyond the Huai Nam Dang Viewpoint. Only a four-wheel car could make the trip. The scenic views of natural mountain ranges and early morning sea of cloud will be seen from here.
Subsequently go to Pong Num Ron Tha Pai (Tha Pai Hot Spring). Take a mineral bathtub for half hour otherwise kick on to Pai. Tha Pai Hot Spring are one of the focal points of Huai Nam Dang National Park, in Mae Hong Son province, 8 kms south of Pai. The springs provide quite a lot of bathtubs for guests to wash in, and it's also potential to wash within the stream that runs via the site. The water from these springs is claimed to have strong therapeutic value.
Continue to stop at Second World War Memorial Bridge that crosses the Pai River. Then take a journey in the picturesque flowers backyard and have some coffee earlier than you go to Pai Canyon. This small but lovely canyon is located in the middle of Pai Valley.
In the end destination on the first day loop, also worth spending an in a single day at is the city of Pai, an unexpected find in a remote mountain valley. Twenty years in the past the city of Pai used to be just a few dust roads and outlets, as tourists soon discovered the pure beauty of the Pai River and it’s surrounding valley, companies and growth followed not lengthy after and it was the little backpacker settlement that it's today. Fashionable amongst hippy and artistic sorts both Thai and overseas alike, the feel is very much new age. This small city is filled with bohemian model cafes, restaurants, bookstores and guesthouses.
This night, we stay at Baan Pai Village. We love a nice hut with nice backyard view in the primary space of Pai walking street.

Second Day Maehongson Tours Loop :
Mae Yen temple to benefit from the views over the sleepy town of Pai and the Pai river valley.

We will start with a morning trip to
Mae Yen temple is small temple on a hill 2 km from Pai is especially fascinating for its setting and the view overlooking the city you've gotten from it. The 353 steps long staircase to reach the temple is charming even when you can skip it and take the street to entry to Wat Phra That Mae Yen. The temple consists of two buildings and some small golden chedis. In front of the wat way in, there is a little market with stalls where you should purchase merchandise, mainly hats and scarves knitted by the seller. They can be very useful as a result of it's cold at evening and within the early morning in Pai.
And then visit to Santichon Village or Chinese Yunnan Village and lunch.
Yunnan Cultural Village gives the lifestyle and Chinese clay houses. Tourists can style the green tea and pork hocks with buns at Baan Santichon surrounded by the mountains of Pai. At Santichon village, we've got to try genuine Yunnan Chinese meals similar to pork hocks, buns, steamed black hen with Chinese herbs, fried shiitake mushroom, and Yunnan lady’s salad.

We will later make our means in the direction of Maehongson stopping at Tham Lod (Lod Cave) the place we are going to explore on bamboo rafts deep into the darkness of those caves. About forty kms. from Pai we'll find Soppong (which also goes by Pangmapha), that is far more to our liking. Well-known for Tham Lod, a large cave you possibly can raft by, this is an area of specific beauty. Cave Lodge is considered the trekking hub for the area.
Tham Lod is taken into account certainly one of Thailand's most spectacular caves, partly for its size, partly for its enticing limestone stalactite formations and partly for the bizarre coffin cave hidden within the main cave. In its entirety, Tham Lod is greater than 1.5 km in size, that is still significantly smaller than a few of the caves that can be seen in neighbouring Laos and further afield in Vietnam.
The Lang River flows via greater than a third of the cave's size, giving you an opportunity to drift via on bamboo rafts floating alongside in the darkness, listening to and smelling the bats overhead, makes for a unique experience. A typical visit features a float via a few of the cave adopted by climbing by other parts to see the coffin cave and a couple of other caverns.
Our next cease can be fish cave the place you possibly can see an plentiful array of cave dwelling fish.
Afterwards we will drive up into the hills round Maehongson and stop to loosen up at Phu Klon health mineral mud spa. Phu klon geographically means a mud supply and pure mineral spring which is between 60-a hundred and forty C. Rising together with the mineral water boiling black mud is clean, free from sulfur smell and stuffed with wholesome mineral for the pores and skin and blood circulation.
An in a single day cease in Maehongson Town.

The Last Day of Maehongson Tour Loop :

After breakfast at a local restaurant in Maehongson drive to Doi Kong Mu Temple. The main attractions are the white pagodas and sumptuous view. Doi Kong Mu Temple. This temple is particularly atmospheric within the early morning with mist and low cloud usually filling the valley below. By midday, the warmth of the sun often clears the air to go away beautiful views of the valley beneath and mountains beyond. The bigger pagoda was inbuilt 1860 and accommodates the relics of Phra Moggalana, one of the disciples of Buddha. The smaller chedi was created in 1874, by Phraya Singhanatracha, the first governor of Maehongson.

Afterwards visit to Karen Longneck Village, Karen Longneck Village space was larger, with multiple homes, a church and even a school. The village wasn’t fully occupied by simply the long neck girls, with a few of the girls instead displaying elongated ear lobes, rings round their calves, and even some in just plain clothes with no bodily adornments. Lots of the girls were congregating collectively whereas the lengthy neck girls would sit by their houses, with handmade goods on show for purchase.

After lunch visit Kaew Komol Cave or Diamon Cave (Calcite cave, there's solely 3 places in the world.). It is very lovely however not permit to take a picture inside. Kaew Komol Park is a forest park with a hot spring (now covered by the new Mae Hu reservoir) and fluorite mines. The cave was found inside a now deserted fluorite mine. Obviously the geology is rather difficult and interesting for a karst area. A result are actually extraordinary speleothems, like popcorn calcite, aragonite and other unusual things. This cave is claimed to be the most stunning cave of Thailand.
Ultimately trip, back to Chiang Mai on soutern route and have a dinner at Ob-Luang National park by the river.